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Q1 2023 MRO Forecast & Industry Trends,

Alton Aviation Consultancy Managing Director Jonathan Berger was invited to provide the opening keynote presentation at Aviation Week?s annual MRO Latin America conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he shared his insights on the major aviation and MRO industry trends and their impact to the Latin American regional competitive dynamics.

eVTOL orders: 2022 wrapped

Advanced air mobility, also known as AAM, is a new concept of air transportation. While there are three major types of aircraft ? Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) vehicles, Electric Short Takeoff and Landing (eSTOL) vehicles and Electric Conventional Takeoff and Landing (eCTOL) vehicles ? the eVTOL space has been truly exploding, with significant investments pouring in and orders being placed by future operators. Operators have ordered around 7,000 eVTOLs1 as of December 2022. The mass orders are an indication of the strong optimism for the AAM sector, and the opportunities that portend from the introduction of new aircraft technology. The breakdown of these orders indicates that around 50%… Continue reading eVTOL orders: 2022 wrapped

Macroeconomic Assessment and Outlook, Q1 2023

Alton Managing Director John Mowry delivered a macroeconomic assessment and outlook at Aviation Week Network?s Engine Leasing, Trading & Finance Americas conference in Dallas on February 7, 2023.   John shared his insights on the economic direction of the Americas, considering key factors driving the engines market including GDP, air traffic, demand, currency, oil prices and interest rates.

Sustainable Efficiency: The Future of Ground Operations at LCC Hubs

The low-cost carrier (LCC) business model has been evolving, including prior to the pandemic. Driven to facilitate connectivity and capture a slice of alternative higher-yielding segments, many LCCs have pivoted operations at their hub airports to enable this new direction. Ground Handling Agents (GHAs) have had to adapt to such evolving business model requirements from LCCs, and provide differentiated services tailored specifically for the new airline models.

State of Aircraft and Engine ABS Market

At a recent ISTAT Learning Lab session, Alton Aviation Consultancy managing director John Mowry, alongside Evan Wallach, President & CEO of Global AirFinance Services presented an overview of then-current state of the aircraft and engine asset backed securitization (ABS) market.  The session reviewed the impact from the pandemic, Russian seizure of aircraft and higher interest rates on the new issue aircraft ABS market and performance of $50 billion of seasoned ABS bonds. In addition to the presentation available for download, the recorded webinar may be watched at the following link: Watch Recording.

Commercial Aviation Finance Review

At the 2022 Airline Economics New York conference, Alton?s Managing Director John Mowry kicked off the multi-day event with an initial review of the commercial aviation finance industry. Aircraft trading, equity markets, and debt financing dynamics were explored.

The Rise of Advanced Air Mobility: Implications on MRO

In the fourth of its series of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) white papers, Alton turns the spotlight on AAM ground infrastructure. In the report, Alton?s experts identify what MRO will look like for AAM vehicles, the anticipated role of the OEMs with respect to MRO, and likely key players.

Hydrogen Aircraft and Implications for Aviation Infrastructure

Alton?s white paper turns the spotlight on hydrogen aircraft and the significant implications for aviation infrastructure. In the report, Alton?s experts explore the following questions: What are the impacts of future energy source adoption? How will hydrogen aircraft operations affect infrastructure? What should stakeholders consider in the path to hydrogen technology?

Route to recovery: delayed

In a special white paper authored for the Airfinance Journal?s 2022-2023 Annual, Alton Aviation Consultancy looks at the state of commercial aviation and aircraft leasing, and the outlook for the year ahead. The aviation industry has cautiously turned a corner from the Covid-19 pandemic, with traffic rebounding as the world has largely opened. However, as of the third quarter 2022, new challenges have emerged that throw the industry?s path forward into uncertainty.

2022 MRO Industry Forecast & Market Trends

Alton Aviation Consultancy Managing Director Jonathan Berger was invited to speak at IATA?s 18th Annual Maintenance Cost Conference (MCC) in Geneva, Switzerland where he presented Alton?s proprietary 10-year global fleet & MRO forecast and shared his insights on the key aviation and MRO industry trends.