Bradley Dailey



Bradley 拥有近十年的商用飞机租赁与融资的实践和战略经验。他在财务建模、定量数据合成、资产评估、交易协调、购置协议谈判和航空公司分析等方面积累了丰富的经验。他参与过许多大型飞机项目,使他在战略评估、商业计划和未来机队发展方面具有独特的经验。客户们欣赏他对关键利益相关者战略配置的独特理解,以及成功完成交易的技巧。

Before joining Alton, Bradley held a variety of roles at AerCap, the largest owner of commercial aircraft in the world. Most recently as the senior director of portfolio management, Bradley supported the company-wide acquisition strategy, which included the successful completion of forward order purchases from both Airbus and Boeing. Earlier in his career, Bradley worked in strategic marketing and pricing, where he developed the critical tools needed to inform and facilitate aircraft lease placements and acquisitions?most notably, the entire ILFC portfolio.

Bradley earned a Dual Honors BA in Economics and Politics from the University of Sheffield.

Bradley Dailey