article | 19-Feb-24

Asia Pacific’s Flight Path: Seizing Opportunities in an Evolving Landscape

Alton Team: Adam Cowburn,  Alan Lim,  Joshua Ng,  Mabel Kwan

Market: Technology & Mobility,  Airports,  MRO & Aftermarket,  Aerospace,  Aircraft Leasing & Financing,  Airlines

The Asia Pacific (APAC) region has long been a cornerstone of the global aviation sector, significantly contributing to aviation growth over the past few decades. While the region’s cautious approach to re-opening and economic slowdown following the pandemic have led to a slower recovery than other parts of the world, COVID-19 is now in the rear-view mirror as APAC is expected to surpass 2019 baseline travel demand in 2024, albeit with some headwinds on the horizon.


India and China are the twin engines behind this growth, but each will face some hurdles to sustain this current trajectory. Investments in aviation infrastructure and new technologies will also be essential to support expansion in the region and the sector.


This paper highlights key observations from the Alton Asia Pacific leadership team on the aviation sector in the region, and the opportunities for continued growth.