article | 06-Mar-24

2024 Singapore Airshow AAM Forum Key Takeaways

Alton Team: Alan Lim,  Daniel Zhou,  Evan Deahl,  Jordi Ferrer,  Joshua Ng,  Tatsuhiko Suzuki,  Zhen Ying Cheah

Market: Technology & Mobility

The 2024 Singapore Airshow brought together global aviation leaders to share their insights on current developments for aviation, the challenges to overcome, and their outlook on the industry.


Alton Aviation Consultancy, as knowledge partner of the Airshow, facilitated the highly anticipated Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) AeroForum. The AeroForum featured four panels with industry and C-suite level executives delving into a series of key topics such as:

  • Latest industry developments and the outlook for AAM
  • How to facilitate and opportunities for international AAM travel
  • Exploring the “why” and “how” behind AAM business models
  • How to nurture the development of the AAM ecosystem


This whitepaper encapsulates the key insights from these discussions, detailing both the opportunities and challenges for the sector, both globally and regionally within Asia Pacific.