Introduction to Aircraft and Engine Asset-Backed Securitizations (ABS)

Equipo Alton : John Mowry

Fecha : 14 Sep 21

Tipo de contenido: Presentación

??: Asesoramiento en arrendamiento y financiamiento de aeronaves

At a recent ISTAT Learning Lab session, Alton Aviation Consultancy managing director John Mowry, alongside Evan Wallach, President & CEO of Global AirFinance Services presented an introduction to aircraft and engine asset backed securitizations (ABS). The session was designed for those seeking a foundational understanding of the aircraft and engine ABS market including the key elements of how deals are structured, the risks/rewards for all deal participants, and a review of recent market activity.

In addition to the presentation available for download, the recorded webinar may be watched at the following link: Watch Recording.