article | 01-Oct-21

Low Visibility and Persistent Turbulence: The State of Commercial Aviation and Aircraft Leasing

Alton Team: Adam Cowburn,  Bradley Dailey,  Ganesh Nair,  John Mowry,  Laetitia Achille,  Leah Ryan

Market: Aircraft Leasing & Financing

Low Visibility and Persistent Turbulence.


The situation in the commercial aviation industry has continued to evolve with the ever-changing Covid-19 pandemic that has dominated life since early 2020. As of the writing of this report in late August 2021, it has become clear that historical trends have limited applicability to the nature of this “black swan” event, and economic activity alone is but one driver of air traffic demand.


Covid-19 rippled travel and tourism worldwide, evaporating demand and stalling expectations of a full traffic rebound in the immediate future. Over the longer term, the economy market and aviation industries are still expected generally to revert to long term trends, but near-term dynamics are changing frequently and trend towards volatility.


In a special white paper authored for the Airfinance Journal’s 2021-2022 Annual, Alton Aviation Consultancy looks at the state of commercial aviation and aircraft leasing, and the outlook for the years ahead.