article | 14-Dec-20

COVID-19: Implications for Lessors

Alton Team: Bradley Dailey,  John Mowry,  Katya Bulatova,  Laetitia Achille,  Leah Ryan

Market: Aircraft Leasing & Financing

NEW YORK – December 14, 2020: Commercial aviation continues to feel the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, with scheduled flights down 46% in the second week of December 2020. At the same time, 38% of the global lessor-owned passenger fleet is currently grounded, and the sharp decline in airline revenues leaves many lessees seeking commercial concessions to help ensure their survival.


In the latest whitepaper chapter, Covid-19: Implications for lessors, Alton explores how lessors will operate in a market facing downward pressure on aircraft values, the role of increase portfolio consolidation, and the actionable steps that can be taken to weather the Covid overhang.