Ganesh Nair



Ganesh Nair brings a proven track record in aircraft leasing and financing to clients in our New York office. For nearly a decade, he has advised clients and investors on several high-profile aviation debt and equity investments, including cash flow forecasting engagements for dozens of large-scale ABS issuances. Investors, leasing companies and banks trust him for complex analytic support, objective counsel and a deep understanding of the technical and financial aspects of every project.

Before joining Alton, Ganesh worked at ICF SH&E, where he was a Senior Manager in the aviation asset advisory and management practice. He began his career at Boeing as a Structural Engineer at the Everett, WA factory.

Ganesh earned his BS and MS in Aerospace Engineering and Systems Design from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Ganesh Nair
01 Oct 21
Aircraft Leasing & Financing Advisory

Low Visibility and Persistent Turbulence: The State of Commercial Aviation and Aircraft Leasing

By Adam Cowburn,   Bradley Dailey,   Ganesh Nair,   Jian Zhu,   John Mowry,   Joshua Ng,   Laetitia Achille,   Leah Ryan   |   Article

Low Visibility and Persistent Turbulence. The situation in the commercial aviation industry has continued to evolve with the ever-changing Covid-19 pandemic that has dominated life since early 2020. As of...


05 Oct 20
Aircraft Leasing & Financing Advisory,   Airlines,   Aviation & Aerospace Investors,   Aerospace Manufacturers & Suppliers,   MRO & Aftermarket,   Airports,   ,   Technology / Mobility

Flying unfriendly skies: Alton Aviation Consultancy looks at the state of commercial aviation and aircraft leasing.

By Adam Cowburn,   Adam Guthorn,   Bradley Dailey,   Ganesh Nair,   Jian Zhu,   John Mowry,   Jonathan Berger,   Joshua Ng,   Katya Bulatova,   Laetitia Achille,   Leah Ryan   |   Article

Flying unfriendly skies. The performance of the commercial aviation industry has historically been tied to the world’s macroeconomic environment. However, 2020, in the grip of a global pandemic, has demonstrated...