Case Studies

Middle East Airport PPP Operator Selection

Alton’s value to clients is derived from hundreds of years of industry and consulting experience. The selected case studies demonstrate some of our team’s capability.

Middle East Airport PPP Operator Selection

A development company in the Middle East identified a requirement for a new airport to support regional tourism activities. The new airport under development would serve primarily an up-market clientele, requiring a non-standard approach. Alton advised the development company with all aspects of the operator selection process, including operator identification, RFP process (e.g., RFP creation, response rounds, tender bid evaluation), operator evaluation, and operator selection process.

Our Approach

Alton assisted with a robust airport operator identification and evaluation process:

  • Identified over 20 candidates within the potential operator landscape
  • Developed tailored scoring criteria for operators
  • Conducted down-select process to narrow the field
  • Developed RFP technical framework:
    • Drafted and published RFP to select candidates
    • Evaluated bids from technical, financial, and legal perspectives and scored bids accordingly
      RFP revision, bid evaluation, negotiation, and contract award:
    • Revised RFP scope of work and commercial requirements, including the addition of multiple partnership models
    • Evaluated bids from technical and legal perspectives; evaluated financials on an adjusted, comparable basis
  • Conducted a comprehensive bid evaluation process, including adjustments for comparability
  • Assisted with the negotiation process, including additional operator clarification points and benchmarking
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Successful Outcome

Alton identified the top-rated airport operator provider for the development company to partner with, based on both technical and financial criteria. Approval from the client’s senior management team was secured to move forward with the top-rated operator. Alton assisted with the negotiation process, ensuring the development company created a robust agreement in-line with requirements, secured favorable financial terms, and reduced risk associated with potential timeline adjustments.