Case Studies

Market Entry Strategy for eVTOL OEM

Alton’s value to clients is derived from hundreds of years of industry and consulting experience. The selected case studies demonstrate some of our team’s capability.

Market Entry Strategy for eVTOL OEM

An eVTOL OEM was planning to develop an inter-city/intra-city flight business model for transportation services using its aircraft model as well as other eVTOL models in the market. Alton was engaged to conduct a series of studies to develop a roadmap for the OEM’s entry into the eVTOL market.

Our Approach

Alton provided a four-pronged analysis, covering every facet of an OEM’s go-to-market strategy and business planning process. Key tasks included:

  • Aviation Market Overview: Alton provided a broad overview of the aviation market as well as key insights relating to the burgeoning eVTOL space. This included an analysis of the commercial air transport and helicopter market and a deep-dive into the airport, airline, lessor, OEM, and MRO business models to understand profit pools, industry trends, and future market landscape.
  • Business Model Formulation: Focusing on the eVTOL market, Alton analyzed critical regulations and their timelines as well as the competitive landscape. A detailed execution plan was developed in accordance with key milestones set out by NASA and other countries’ urban air mobility roadmaps. An organizational structure spanning ten years comprising of ten different functions was planned for the client.
  • Market Demand Study: Alton developed a model for the air-taxi market for a specific city in the United States. The model took into account the supply-demand dynamics of various transportation options and forecast the share eVTOLs could have in the market. Additionally, Alton also assessed the social receptivity for air-taxi services in that market and provided sensitivity analysis on the addressable market size based on potential positive/negative changes in social receptivity.
  • Operations Assessment: Alton examined scheduled and on-demand flight planning operations, including the processes and network models for commercial and business, and general aviation. Disruption management was another key focus of the task where Alton prepared case studies on several airlines as well as developed the approach that the client should adopt. Additionally, trip efficiency, inventory control, and pricing was analyzed for different business models in the commercial and business aviation sectors.

Successful Outcome

Alton supplied the client with a thorough assessment of the rapidly evolving eVTOL sector, including a market demand study, go-to-market strategy, and business planning considerations, optimally positioning the client to execute on its roadmap for entry into the eVTOL market.