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Min Ma has a 20-year track record of helping aircraft OEMs, airlines, financial institutions, aircraft lessors, airport investors, and other aviation enterprises grow and succeed.

From our Beijing office, she offers her clients expert, objective counsel across a broad range of specialties, including aircraft manufacturing, production and purchase cost analysis, aircraft marketing and sales, market forecast and competition analysis, aviation quality assurance, joint venture enterprise establishment and feasibility study, mergers and acquisitions, aviation regulation and policy advisory.

Before joining Alton, Min led the China aviation consulting practice for SH&E and ICF, meeting the needs of a diverse client base. She was previously a project director at FlightGlobal Hong Kong, and Director of Sales and Marketing at AVIC Aircraft Corporation. Min began her career as a general production manager at AVIC, supporting the manufacturing and delivery of key structural components for Boeing, Airbus, and ATR aircraft in accordance with FAA and EASA airworthiness certifications.

Min holds an MBA from the École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile, with a specialty in Aviation/Airway Management and Operations, and BA of Aircraft Manufacturing Technology from the Northwestern Polytechnical University.

Min Ma
02 Jun 20
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Covid-19: Implications for the commercial aviation industry

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