Ben Tinkler-Davies

Ben Tinkler-Davies



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Based in Alton’s New York office, Ben aims to leverage his engineering and finance backgrounds in the aviation sector to construct data-driven solutions for clients. Ben’s analytic skills and focused mindset will deliver long-lasting and impactful results across a range of applications.


Prior to joining Alton, Ben was a Design and Aerothermal Engineer with Arrival, a UK-based electric vehicle manufacturer. Ben delivered the first braking system for the prototype car before focusing on aerodynamic and aerothermal modelling for other projects. This work fed into design optimization loops to improve performance and hit critical targets. In addition, Ben held an internship position at a London-based consulting firm focused on healthcare M&A deals.


Ben holds a Master of Aerospace Engineering from the University of Cambridge and a Master of Science in Finance degree from the Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University.