Aravin Raman

Aravin Raman



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Based in Alton’s Singapore office, Aravin brings over five years of airport strategy, business planning and investment support experience to Alton’s clients in the aviation industry.


Before joining Alton, Aravin was a Business Development Manager at Malaysia Airports for aerospace and aviation segment where he worked on multiple projects across their portfolio of airports covering market assessment, project feasibility including cost-benefit analyses and execution strategies. In addition, he was a key member of the team responsible for joint-venture developments which saw the formation of joint-ventures for managed aviation industrial parks and an e-commerce air cargo hub. He is well-experienced working in the public sector and on policy matters, having worked with multiple government agencies, regulators, and government-linked companies.


Aravin holds a Masters in Engineering and Bachelors in Engineering for Engineering with Business Finance from University College London (UCL).