Case Studies

Evaluation of eVTOL technology and environmental landscape

Alton’s value to clients is derived from hundreds of years of industry and consulting experience. The selected case studies demonstrate some of our team’s capability.

Evaluation of eVTOL technology and environmental landscape

A leading Asian automobile manufacturer plans to enter the urban-air-mobility (UAM) market as an OEM and develop an eVTOL vehicle. The client engaged Alton to support the company better understand the market supply/demand dynamics, the regulatory environment, and develop a value proposition.

Our Approach

Alton performed a series of individual projects to help understand specific areas of interest which included the development of a database of all helicopter accidents and categorize the accidents according to their root cause analysis. In addition, Alton performed product research into the autopilot market to understand the existing autopilot technology on helicopters, and how competitors are applying autonomy / autopilot technology onto eVTOLs. Next, Alton reviewed all available regulations pertaining to noise and emission regulations in major US and EU jurisdictions. With that information, Alton developed insights to help formulate current and future noise and emission targets for eVTOL vehicles, and specifically for the client’s proposed eVTOL design.

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Successful Outcome

 Alton completed the assignment on-time and on-budget. The client has leveraged Alton’s insight into their eVTOL go-to market strategy.