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  • MRO和售后市场策略及商业计划的制定
  • 市场调查与分析
  • 运营与财务基准和绩效改进的实现
  • 商业尽职调查与并购支持
  • 策略采购与供应链管理
  • 精益培训与持续的过程改进
23 Apr 21
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Line Maintenance Sourcing Strategies in the Age of e-Commerce

By Adam Guthorn,   Dalton Fischer Linnett,   Jonathan Berger   |   ??

In a recently published a white paper entitled, Line Maintenance Sourcing Strategies in the Age of e-Commerce, Alton?s MRO Practice explores how the exponential growth of e-commerce, and the increased market power of industry behemoths such as Amazon and Alibaba, will further disrupt traditional air cargo operators? business models, and how their corresponding line maintenance sourcing strategies will have to evolve in order to successfully compete in this highly competitive market segment.


29 Oct 20

2020 MRO Transatlantic

By Jonathan Berger   |   ??

Alton Managing Director and global MRO advisory practice lead Jonathan Berger was invited to present at the world?s premiere MRO virtual conference ? Aviation Week?s MRO Transatlantic. In conjunction with Kevin Michaels of AeroDynamic Advisory, Jonathan discussed the short- and long-term outlook for MRO demand, post COVID-19 pandemic market trends impacting the aviation industry, and the corresponding implications for airlines, OEMs, and independent MRO suppliers.


05 Oct 20
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Flying unfriendly skies: Alton Aviation Consultancy looks at the state of commercial aviation and aircraft leasing.

作者 Adam Cowburn,   Adam Guthorn,   Bradley Dailey,   Ganesh Nair,   Jian Zhu,   John Mowry,   Jonathan Berger,   Joshua Ng,   Katya Bulatova,   Laetitia Achille,   Leah Ryan   |   ??

Flying unfriendly skies. The performance of the commercial aviation industry has historically been tied to the world?s macroeconomic environment. However, 2020, in the grip of a global pandemic, has demonstrated that economic activity alone is but one driver of air traffic demand and that historical trends have limited applicability to the nature of this ?black swan? event. Covid-19 has crippled travel and tourism worldwide, evaporating demand and stalling expectations of a full traffic rebound in the immediate future. In a special white paper authored for the Airfinance Journal?s 2020-2021 Annual, Alton Aviation Consultancy looks at the state of commercial aviation and aircraft leasing, and the outlook for the year ahead. The paper explores the significant impact that COVID-19 has had on the aviation and aircraft financing/leasing markets, and posits several potential recovery scenarios with a range of optimism. The implication for airlines, lessors, and manufacturers under each recovery scenario are explored.


02 Jun 20
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Covid-19: Implications for the commercial aviation industry

作者 Adam Cowburn,   Adam Guthorn,   Bradley Dailey,   Jian Zhu,   John Mowry,   Jonathan Berger,   Joshua Ng,   Katya Bulatova,   Laetitia Achille,   Leah Ryan,   马敏,   Yuichi Takayama   |   ??

NEW YORK - June 2, 2020: The ?New Normal? for the aviation industry is 18-24 months away and key players must prepare for an extended ?Covid overhang? period and a long, turbulent journey to recovery, according to Alton Aviation Consultancy. The global aviation advisory firm today released its independent report ?Covid-19: Implications for the commercial aviation industry?, offering detailed insight into the ongoing crisis for the whole aviation industry. The comprehensive paper sets out a list of mitigating strategies and actions for airlines, aircraft lessors, MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) providers, aerospace manufacturers, and airports to prioritize resources and manage risk. Adam Cowburn, report author and managing director in Alton?s Hong Kong office, says: ?The surest way out of this crisis is for every player across the aviation value chain to work in tandem with governments and other stakeholders to put airlines back in the air and get revenues flowing again. ?While the fight against the virus continues with travel restrictions and quarantines to limit spread, we are cautiously optimistic that the immediate phase of deep crisis for the aviation...


24 Jan 20

2020年 拉丁美洲MRO大会

By Jonathan Berger   |   ??

MRO Latin America is the premier event in the region for the commercial air transport maintenance, repair and overhaul industry, providing a world-class venue for all those involved in the MRO sector to exchange ideas and best practices, share experiences, debate issues and challenges and gather knowledge. Alton Aviation Consultancy Managing Director Jonathan Berger was invited to present a session titled Market Forecast & Key Trends. Jonathan's session presented the current status and upcoming trends for the Latin American MRO market and aviation industries, including challenges and opportunities for the future in Latin America and global markets.



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