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2019 航空金融杂志 都柏林航空学院

2019 航空金融杂志 都柏林航空学院

日期: 22 Jan 19 - 22 Jan 19
奥尔顿团队: 利蒂西娅·阿基尔
地点: 都柏林

??? 都柏林
?????? 利蒂西娅·阿基尔

Laetitia Achille of Alton Aviation Consultancy has been invited to present on maintenance cash flow modeling for ABS transactions at the The Inaugural School of Aviation Finance Dublin by Airfinance Journal. The event is being held at The Convention Centre Dublin from January 22nd to 23th.
Laetitia?s session will introduce insights into the commercial Aircraft market environment and an overview of aircraft operating lease cash flows, with a specific emphasis on the maintenance-related provisions, and how they are modeled in asset backed securitizations.


Laetitia brings 15 years of aviation industry experience to discerning clients in aircraft leasing and financing. Senior decision makers count on Laetitia for complex analytic support, objective business advice, and independent counsel that deliver durable, lasting value. Laetitia has led diverse industry teams across offices worldwide, including cash flow forecasting engagements for dozens of ABS issuances secured by assets valued at over $30 billion. She has performed due diligence on many of the largest mergers and acquisitions in the aircraft leasing industry.


Alton Aviation Consultancy 是一家真正独立的全球性公司,全面覆盖行业价值链,并提供客观、数据驱动的指导和洞察力,为客户提供所需信息。业务战略、资本配置、资源优先顺序和风险管理。其客户包括航空公司、制造商、MRO 和售后服务提供商、租赁商以及更广泛的金融和投资界,其典型的客户参与涉及战略和业务计划制定、运营绩效改进和交易支持。


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