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日期: 10 Nov 19 - 12 Nov 19
地点: Mauritius

??? Mauritius

Sascha Feuerherd, an Alton Aviation Consultancy Managing Director, will be one of the expert panelists speaking at AFRAA AGA in Mauritius.


This annual African air transport summit and conference gathers top leaders of the air transport industry from across the globe. Holding the AGA in Mauritius will focus the global industry?s attention on the opportunities in trade and tourism in the region and the rapidly growing African economies in general as links are being strengthened within the continent and to new as well as traditional markets. Deliberations over the course of the AGA will focus on the main theme: ?Success in an integrated and interconnected Africa?. Industry leaders will discuss growth potential through positive synergies in servicing our increasingly complex and demanding market. We expect the discussions at the AGA to be enriching to both the audiences and to the discussants thereby resulting in new ideas and new directions on how to make the Single Air Transport Market (SAATM) a win-win experience for all. With so many representatives from the Association?s member airlines, industry partners, international and regional associations, leading manufacturers and industry suppliers as well as our media partners, there are tremendous opportunities to network and explore business opportunities or just to make new friends.
In the panel discussion ?Embracing disruptive trends ? the future is too late?, Sascha will shed light on the performance of African airlines in the global context and will address disruptions to change improve the financial position of member airlines.


Sascha 在专注于航空领域的咨询和项目管理方面拥有超过 25 年的国际经验。近二十年来,他成功地为航空公司、机场、民航当局以及飞机制造商提供了咨询服务。 Sascha 领导奥尔顿航空咨询公司的航空公司业务。


Alton Aviation Consultancy 是一家真正独立的全球性公司,全面覆盖行业价值链,并提供客观、数据驱动的指导和洞察力,为客户提供所需信息。业务战略、资本配置、资源优先顺序和风险管理。其客户包括航空公司、租赁商和更广泛的投资界、制造商、MRO 和售后服务提供商。