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2019 航空経済成長フロンティアズ ニューヨーク

2019 航空経済成長フロンティアズ ニューヨーク

日付: 17 Oct 19 - 18 Oct 19
アルトンチーム: ジョン・モーリー
位置: ニューヨーク

??? ニューヨーク
???????: ジョン・モーリー

Alton Aviation Consultancy?s Managing Director John Mowry has been invited to the 2019 Airline Economics Growth Frontiers event, held at The Intercontinental New York Barclay, on October 17-18, 2019. Mr. Mowry will join two panel discussions.


The first panel titled “Financing & Investing in aircraft & engines in a cyclical industry” will be moderated by Abdol Moabery, Chief Executive Officer of GA Telesis. Other participants include Robert Korn, President of Carlyle Aviation Partners, Ed Connolly, SVP of Capital Markets for Engine Lease Finance, and Franklin L. Pray of Alinda Capital Partners.


The second panel is titled “Aviation ABS and the future of aviation securitizations”, moderated by John Hennessy, Managing Director Asset Finance, Canyon CTS. Fellow panelists include Kevin A. MacLeod, Shareholder and Head of the New York Capital Markets Group at VedderPrice, Scott Debano, Managing Director at Citigroup Global Markets ? Global Structured Debt, and Marc Iarchy, Director at World Star Aviation.


John Mowry brings 17 years of aviation industry experience to his global client base, including more than a decade of experience providing advisory and consulting services. Based in our New York office, John brings deep domain expertise and objective counsel across a wide range of aviation matters. John is a skilled subject matter expert to operators, lessors, and equity and debt investors on a wide array of aviation asset classes, including aircraft, engines, and inventories. He has advised investors on the selection, acquisition, and financing of billions of dollars in aircraft and aircraft operating leases, frequently working on large, confidential transactions. Accredited as a Certified Appraiser by ISTAT, he has valued the comprehensive aviation assets owned and leased by the world?s largest airlines to the smallest end-of-life leasing and aftermarket participants.


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