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2019 エアファイナンス ジャーナル ダブリン

2019 エアファイナンス ジャーナル ダブリン

日付: 22 Jan 19 - 22 Jan 19
位置: ダブリン

??? ダブリン

Brian Rynott of Alton Aviation Consultancy will be participating in a panel discussion at the 2019 Airfinance Journal Dublin conference. The event is being held at The Convention Centre Dublin from January 22nd to 24th.


The panel discussion entitled ?Factoring airline credit risk when taking bulk orders of new technology aircraft? will consider credit risk associated with smaller airlines placing large orders, and how that risk is managed by counterparties including OEMs and lessors.


With nearly two decades of airline and aviation experience, Brian Rynott has a broad, deep and unique understanding of both the airline and aviation industries. He has been a leader, manager and advisor across a number of organizations and involved in many high-stakes restructurings and strategy sessions across aircraft leasing, trading, finance, and more. Before joining Alton, Brian was the Chief Investment Officer of Intrepid Aviation, a commercial aircraft lessor. He led the company?s risk management, portfolio management, insurance, and asset strategy functions. Earlier in his career, he served as Vice President of Risk Management at AWAS, in their Dublin and New York offices. He began his career with American Airlines in a variety of revenue management roles before joining American Express? Enterprise Risk Management and Airline Center of Excellence teams.


Alton Aviation Consultancy は、業界のバリュー チェーンを完全にカバーし、顧客に情報を提供するために必要な客観的でデータ主導のガイダンスと洞察を提供する、真に独立したグローバル企業です。ビジネス戦略、資本配分、リソースの優先順位付け、リスク管理。同社の顧客には、航空会社、製造業者、MRO およびアフターマーケット サービス プロバイダー、貸手、さらに広範な金融および投資コミュニティが含まれており、戦略および事業計画の開発、業務パフォーマンスの改善、取引サポートなどの典型的なクライアント エンゲージメントを行っています。