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Capacity, demand for flights to and from Singapore hold up through March 2022 Sustainability: The Aviation Industry’s Roadmap to a Greener Future

Alton director Joshua Ng shares his insights with The Business Times on Singapore flight demand in the wake of the Omicron variant:
?There are several factors that have cushioned the impact on airlines from the emergence of Omicron. In the near term, significant pent-up demand for travel, especially during the holiday season, likely meant that bookings were already relatively healthy for flights within this period before sales were temporarily suspended.? Alton Director Joshua Ng shares his insights on the air cargo industry?s roadmap to a sustainable
future, in the latest [more]
https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/transport/capacity-demand-for-flights-to-and-from-singapore-hold-up-through-march-2022 https://www.stattimes.com/aviation/sustainability-the-aviation-industrys-roadmap-to-a-greener-future-
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