Untangling the growing web of aircraft transactions and values

Equipo Alton : Adam Cowburn,   Adam Guthorn,   Brian Rynott,   Isobel Fenton,   John Mowry,   Laetitia Achille

Fecha : 15 Jan 19

Tipo de contenido: Artículo

??: Asesoramiento en arrendamiento y financiamiento de aeronaves,   Inversores Aeronáuticos y Aeroespaciales

There are many factors that influence aircraft values, but these factors can be complex.

In a special white paper authored for the Airfinance Journal?s 2018-2019 Annual, Alton Aviation Consultancy authored a multi-part paper providing:

  • An overall assessment of the aviation, airline, and aircraft leasing industry;
  • Analysis of observed trends in aircraft sale and lease transactions over the past decade; and
  • Perspective to investors as they consider how to best ascribe value to today?s transactions.