The Rise of Advanced Air Mobility: Implications on Financing in the Aviation Sector

Equipo Alton : Alan Lim,   Joshua Ng

Fecha : 01 Dec 21

Tipo de contenido: Presentación

??: Asesoramiento en arrendamiento y financiamiento de aeronaves,   aerolíneas,   Inversores Aeronáuticos y Aeroespaciales,   Negocios y Aviación General,   Fabricantes y proveedores aeroespaciales,   Aeropuertos

In the second of a series of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) white papers, Alton focuses the spotlight on the aircraft finance industry. In commercial aviation, aircraft lessors own approximately 50% of all aircraft; yet we have not heretofore seen a similar level of interest in the AAM space. This white paper will explore some of the factors that drive aircraft financing activities in commercial aviation, and also provide some considerations for manufacturers, lessors and lessees.