Asesoría de arrendamiento y financiamiento de aeronaves

Leading aircraft lessors, airlines, lenders, and investors rely on the Alton Aviation Consultancy team for our acumen, experience, and client-focused approach across the industry spectrum.

Proven Expertise
  • Market and financial analysis
  • Business strategy
  • Buy-side and sell-side due diligence
  • Channel and management checks
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Aircraft underwriting and modeling
  • Credit and industry analysis
  • Mergers and acquisitions support
  • Aircraft selection and order negotiation
  • Pricing and risk analysis
  • Aircraft appraisals
  • Asset management
A Broad Range of Investments
  • Aircraft leasing start-ups
  • Relaunches
  • Investment funds
  • Joint ventures
  • Structured financings
  • Trading transactions
  • Portfolio sales
  • Asset-backed securitizations
  • Whole-company merger and acquisitions
Assets of Every Type
  • Commercial fixed wing
  • Rotary wing (helicopters)
  • Commercial passenger, cargo/freighter, charter, VIP
  • Aircraft, airframes, engines, rotables, consumables/expendables
An Exhaustive Approach

Alton Aviation Consultancy professionals have provided advisory services on many of the industry?s largest finance and leasing transactions, with aircraft at every stage of the life cycle.

We frequently begin with market analysis, using a range of proven, proprietary tools and frameworks. From there, we offer critical support at every step of the transaction and beyond:

  • Pricing support, including lease cash flow forecasts and lease encumbered valuations
  • Residual value projections grounded in reality and derived from statistical analysis
  • Maintenance support evaluations to project the expected condition and maintenance cash flows during and beyond the current lease
  • Comprehensive airline (or other counterparty) credit risk assessments, including asset analysis and strategy within the operator?s fleet, sovereign considerations and other critical factors
  • Support for investment decisions through channel and management checks or buy-side or sell-side due diligence
  • Aircraft appraisals and valuations by ISTAT-certified appraisers, leveraging proprietary databases and resources
12 Apr 18
Asesoramiento en arrendamiento y financiamiento de aeronaves

Impact of Lessee Defaults on Aircraft Leasing

By John Mowry   |   Presentación

Alton Aviation Consultancy Managing Director John Mowry presented an assessment of the impact airline lessee defaults have on the economics of an individual leased aircraft and on a portfolio of...


10 Feb 18
Asesoramiento en arrendamiento y financiamiento de aeronaves,   aerolíneas,   Inversores Aeronáuticos y Aeroespaciales,   Fabricantes y proveedores aeroespaciales,   MRO y Aftermarket,   ,   Tecnología / Movilidad

Aircraft/Engine Fleet & Retirement Developments

By John Mowry   |   Presentación

John Mowry, Managing Director at Alton Aviation Consultancy, delivered a presentation titled ?Retirements and Inductions ? How are Fleet Demographics Changing?? at the Aero-Engines Americas conference, an annual event hosted...


24 Jan 18
Asesoramiento en arrendamiento y financiamiento de aeronaves,   Inversores Aeronáuticos y Aeroespaciales

Factors Influencing Aircraft Operating Lease Economics

By John Mowry   |   Presentación

At the Airline Economics: Growth Frontiers Dublin 2018 conference, Alton Aviation Consultancy?s Managing Director John Mowry led a session focused on the aircraft operating leasing economics. The presentation reviewed the...


23 Jan 18
Asesoramiento en arrendamiento y financiamiento de aeronaves,   Inversores Aeronáuticos y Aeroespaciales

Aircraft Valuations for Today?s Transactions

By Laetitia Achille   |   Presentación

Laetitia Achille, Alton Aviation Consultancy Managing Director, made a presentation on how today?s aircraft transactions should be valued at the Airfinance Journal?s annual Dublin conference. The presentation outlined recent trends...


18 Oct 17
Asesoramiento en arrendamiento y financiamiento de aeronaves

Technical Analysis of Aircraft Leasing Maintenance Cash Flows

By Laetitia Achille   |   Presentación

At the Investing in Aviation Finance conference hosted by Ishka in New York, a conference forum focused on connecting institutional investors to the aviation finance market, Alton Aviation Consultancy Managing...



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